Braden Holtby Makes a Save From the Blue Line

Posted December 21, 2018

This is not usual.

Braden Holtby came out of the net in a, perhaps, ill-advised attempt to stop a breakaway from happening. But his desperate attempt to get rid of the puck landed on the stick of another Sabres player.

With the net empty and the pick on the opponent’s stick, Holtby again flung himself out in desperation, and ended up blocking the puck over the glass.

“I thought I could get there,” Holtby said after the game. “I was thinking I’d kind of have to get down to try and seal the ice and get it out of the blue line there. Once I kind of went to go down, he kind of stopped skating, which was strange. I didn’t really see the second guy coming, so after that you just try and do whatever you can to keep it up.”

Holtby continued. “Since Hasek hasn’t been in the league, you don’t see that too often.”

No bobblehead will be made of this save, but incredible sequence, nonetheless.