Bid on These Items: Caps, Nats and Wizards Donate to Help Charity Restore a Child

Posted December 9, 2018

Aside from covering hockey (and playing hockey, and having full-time a job, and so many other things), I’ve been working with my neighbor and her charity, Restore a Child. The charity builds schools, orphanages, and helps feed thousands of children in need throughout the world.

Recently, Norma Nashed, the founder and president, told me that the Capitals, Nationals and Wizards each donated an autographed item for Restore a Child’s 20th anniversary, meant for auctioning off to raise money for the charity.

The items:

  • An Evgeny Kuznetsov autographed puck
  • A Dave Martinez autographed baseball
  • Markieff Morris autographed photo

I can personally testify how good this charity has been. What’s even more impressive is the lack of overhead. Norma does not collect a salary, she raises funds herself, and travels to places to meet the children and ensure that her initiatives are being handled correctly. I call her the Mother Teresa of Beltsville.  Check out her site to see her work. She recently returned from a mission to Tanzania.

Anyway, for Restore a Child, I typically handle things like updating the website and helping Ms. Nashed with her computers. For the first time, I’ve been asked to help raise funds. We’re hoping to get at least $150 for each of these items, all of which are tax deductible and will be paid directly to Restore a Child.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] to bid on these items, starting at $150 for each one. As much as I want to set a deadline, I’d rather get a feel for the interest via this platform (not something we normally do), and make a decision on when it ends when interest wanes.

Each item was donated by each team in a package from each team with a letter/certificate of authenticity. Seeing that I typically don’t trust autographs unless I watch someone sign it, I asked the Caps of the legitimacy and they said it’s definitely from them.

You can also donate outright to Restore a Child. This, I believe, is the first time they’ve raised money by auctioning off sports autographs.