Larry Brooks is an Idiot and the New York Post is Trash

Posted June 9, 2018

Hey Ovi, remember all your blemishes! (Caps Outsider)

Longtime hockey writer, Larry Brooks, who is somehow in the Hockey Hall of Fame, wrote a garbage column for the trashy New York Post titled “Stanley Cup win doesn’t erase Alex Ovechkin’s ledger of losing.”

The Capitals just won the Stanley Cup, but enjoy this line:

But though this time Ovechkin was able to survive his nemesis, Sidney Crosby, let’s not rush to rewrite history and airbrush The Great 8’s blemishes out of the picture. After losing last year’s second-round Game 7 to the Penguins, Ovechkin was told that he was fat by a player he respects. He reported this year in condition befitting a 32-year-old.

“Airbrush The Great 8’s blemishes?” Seriously?

No other hockey player has been criticized more than Alex Ovechkin, and after finally doing exactly what he was most criticized for not doing, Brooks brings this up?

This is what bad sports writers do, and the fact that someone collects a salary for this lack of effort is perplexing. Let’s also remind folks of Brooks’ ‘blemishes‘ and other examples of him making a fool out of himself.

Our friend here says it best:

Here’s another example of a hack ‘journalist’ proving that his analysis isn’t worth anything:

“You blew your must-win. I think the Caps lost the series in Game 1.” – Thom Loverro (something I heard him laughing about later).

In hockey, you stave off criticism by winning. In sports writing, you’re free to be as idiotic and illogical as you want. These writers, with thick skin, don’t care about the criticism and may even enjoy the negative attention. It’s really sad.