Apparently, Alex Ovechkin is Your Typical College Roommate

Posted April 27, 2018

Think back to your glory days. You’re in college, living with your best buddies. The sink is full, there’s crumbs everywhere and nobody has cleaned the bathroom in weeks months.

As it turns out, you apparently lived under the same conditions as some of the Washington Capitals did during Alex Ovechkin’s earlier years.

We all remember Boyd Gordon. He spent seven years in Washington, becoming a leader on a team that transformed from one of the league’s worst into one of the most exciting. He was a teammate of Ovechkin’s for six of those years, so naturally, he got to see a side of The Great Eight that most of us never will.

Eventually, Gordon moved on to what was then the Phoenix Coyotes. There, he would become a teammate of Paul Bissonnette, a former NHL player who is widely known as one of the most hilarious hockey personalities on and off the ice dating back to his playing days. Bissonnette is now an analyst for the Arizona Coyotes and contributor to the hockey podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets.

Last week on the podcast, he passed along a couple of stories about Ovechkin via Gordon that will take you back to those notorious late teens and early twenties.

We’ll use the SFW version of his quotes, though I highly recommend checking out the clip in its full NSFW entirety (starting just after the 25 minute mark).

First off, Biz fills us in on what could be considered some sort of unwritten, food-related rule that exists in the kitchen before games that Ovechkin egregiously broke.

“When [Gordon] used to play in Washington with Ovechkin, he used to hate, because Ovi would go over and he would take the tomato ladle…he would take it out of the tomato one and put it on his pasta, and he would go right over to the alfredo and dip the same one in the alfredo. And Gordo, this would drive him absolutely up the wall, and he basically would call Ovi like a farm animal, because he didn’t care about anything. There was just [stuff] everywhere all the time.”

Fortunately for our imaginations, there was more. This one will definitely hit home with those of you who lived, and shared a bathroom with, a bunch of dudes.

“On the road, sometimes you only get two or three bathroom stalls…he would be the guy who would keep the seat down and [pee] all over the seat…anytime you’d go in there after Ovi there’d be [pee] all over the seat.”

As fun as it is to watch Ovechkin rip off near 50 goal seasons and continue to produce at a high level in the playoffs at his age, it’s just as fun to learn about the quirky side of a player like him behind the scenes.