Caps Outsider Roundtable: Caps vs. Penguins

Posted April 26, 2018

Caps Outsider

Ben Sumner

Based on the circumstances, and not the years of heartbreaks, there is no reason to believe the Capitals are better than the Pittsburgh Penguins this year. And while the Caps will put their heart and souls into beating their arch nemesis, Sidney Crosby and company have proven they don’t take anything for granted, either, not now or in later rounds.

That said, too many of these Caps/Penguins series have ended in virtual coin-flips. While that’s a terrible reason to predict the Caps’ will win this time, I will anyway. Hope is fans have left at this point.

Caps in 7

Brandon Alter

Here we go again. People will say that this year is different, which it is. The Caps are worse, but then people would say the Pens are worse too, which they are. However, I don’t see this time being any different. The Pens are still deadly and can score in bunches. Barry Trotz will bench fast, young players for making one mistake while Mike Sullivan will rely on his young players and they’ll shine. Trotz won’t make the in series adjustments for a third straight year and the Caps will lose once more.

Pens in 6

Cory Lyons

The Capitals started slow but finished with four straight wins against Columbus. The Penguins looked inconsistent against a struggling Philadelphia team but found it’s scoring when they needed it.

With the goaltending change to Holtby, the Capitals have looked more confident. They are also scoring goals from multiple people, which will be a big factor in the next round.

Pittsburgh looks to find consistency with their goaltending and defense. When they played well, they goals against were 0, 0 and 1. On the other side, they let up 5, 5 and 4 goals against. When facing a team with better goaltending and overall defense, these moments of allowing 4+ goals a game won’t cut it.

Capitals in 6

Brad Davis

Just like our captain, I can’t wait. The Capitals once again will need to go through Pittsburgh in their quest for their first Stanley Cup. This series is a coin flip in my opinion, but I’ll choose to believe once again.

Caps in 6

Philip Van der Vossen

It’s obviously not objective or logical, but it’s what the heart wants. The Capitals will completely demolish the Penguins and take care of business at home and on the road. As Alex Ovechkin once famously declared, “Puck this Shitsburgh Team!”

Capitals in 4