Updates on Former Cap Stephen Peat

Posted November 21, 2017

(Joel Richardson /The Washington Post)

Former Caps enforcer Stephen Peat seems to be in trouble again, as the New York Times has published texts and emails from his father, Walter Peat.

Back in 2016, Times reporter John Branch chronicled what’s going on in Peat’s life after he was arrested for burning down his house in 2015. The answer, it seems, is that Stephen Peat is suffering from brain trauma from years of fighting in the NHL, very similar to former Cap Chris Simon.

From the Times: After a Life of Punches, Ex-N.H.L. Enforcer Is a Threat to Himself

Branch has been in contact with Walter Peat about his son’s issues since the article, and agreed to have them published. As a Caps fan, and fondly remembering Peat’s time on the team, this line struck a nerve:

John, I am open to anything that may bring this into into the open, so people can see what hockey is breeding. And where many of it’s players end up. it is so sad that Stephen had his own cheering section in Washington, but now, many of his fans have now idea or care what he is doing.

The published messages are on the Time’s site: ‘I Have No Idea How to Tell This Horror Story’