A Bittersweet Return for Karl Alzner

Posted October 8, 2017

Alzner has a fan in the crowd. (Caps Outsider)

Longtime Caps defenseman Karl Alzner returned to Washington for the first time in his career as a member of a different team. The Caps paid tribute to him with a video, but on the ice, things didn’t go so well. Alzner was on the ice for Ovechkin’s first three goals.

“You give him an inch, that’s all he needs to snap it home,” Alzner said of Ovechkin after the game. “The first one, an inch. The tip-in, an inch. That’s it. Sometimes, you play good D and it just doesn’t work out.”

“I did things on the ice but I think I did a lot in the community and that was kind of our goal, me and Mandy,” Alzner said of the video tribute. “It’s tough to hold it together when you spend so much time in one spot.”

Alzner also wanted a copy of the video, before he was informed it was online.

Karl Alzner (Caps Outsider)