A Final Thought

Posted May 11, 2017

As the game ended and a blanket of familiar disappointment covered us and tucked us in last night, I tried to look on the bright side.  Washington has a great hockey team—the best team in hockey for the past two years, in fact. The race for the Stanley Cup is merely a tournament at the end of a long, arduous season. The Caps gave Washingtonians thrills and chills that surpassed any other team in the DMV and gave us a multitude of reasons to hope for more. And, as I spoke those words aloud to my family, my son set me straight, “Mom, no kid decides to play hockey because they dream of winning the President’s Trophy.  Everybody wants to win the Stanley Cup.”

I know…….

I wish it didn’t come down to a lengthy tournament that drives players and fans to the brink of insanity. A tournament that makes us all gear up for a high or a let-down every other day.  I feel the same way about the World Series and the unforgiving, single elimination NFL playoffs.

Anyway, we’re all sad today. Fans are sad. Players are sad. And it’s a dreary, rainy day—just sad. But Caps fans will shake it off, get over it and support their Caps all over again next season. We will fill the arena, rock the red, ring our cowbells and unleash our wildest fury. And we will continue to love every minute of it.