Boudreau, McPhee Spotted in a Good Place

Posted May 5, 2010

If there’s any consolation to losing in the first round of the NHL playoffs, it’s that the players and coaches get to spend more time with their families, especially their children.

Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau and General Manager George McPhee were spotted at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel, MD. on Tuesday, watching their children play hockey.

“You’re here for your kid, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” Boudreau said with a smile, perhaps expecting a fan instead of a reporter in a rink that has its fair share of beer leaguers roaming around. His wife and child stood nearby, collecting the hockey equipment to haul off to the car.

That’s all I wanted to know. I told him I was a reporter (because he didn’t remember me from the press conferences), and told him I got my story.

It was nice to see Bruce out and about with the family instead of answering tough questions from reporters about minuscule details of each game, and I’m sure he felt what he was doing was ultimately more priceless than winning the Stanley Cup.

This has been another episode of Wednesday’s Special brought to you by Capitals Outsider.