Caps Already on Pace to Fight Way More This Season

Posted October 14, 2016

“Click-bait headline much?” (Caps Outsider)

Perhaps it was just a carry-over from the tension of last season’s round 2 playoff series, or perhaps it was just a matter of hockey-being-hockey, but Tom Wilson’s fight with Tom Sestito on Thursday was obviously the Caps’ first fight of the season. What makes that interesting, by comparison, is that it took 12 games for the Caps to drop the gloves last season, when Michael Latta fought Boston’s Tyler Randell.  That no-fighting streak was the longest in Caps history to begin a season, according to the Caps.

While I’m not overly eager to track down 40 other box scores to see if the Caps had a quicker fight to start a season than Wilson’s in 8:54 of the first period, it’s gotta at least be close to a team record.