Michael Latta Breaks Caps’ Fightless Streak

Posted November 5, 2015

(Caps Outsider)

After 12 games, the Washington Capitals finally did something they haven’t done all season: Took a fighting major. The no-fighting streak was the longest in Caps history to begin a season, according to the Caps.

At 13:07 of the second period, Michael Latta, sticking up for a hit on roommate Tom Wilson, dropped the gloves with Boston’s Tyler Randell. With the score 3-1 and the Caps’ fourth line getting some decent minutes, the bought wasn’t a huge surprise.

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And it was a good scrap, too. Though Latta got in some shots, including one that knocked off Randell’s helmet, Latta ultimately ended up on the ice.

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Earlier in the game, Latta got his first point of the season with an assist on Brooks Laich’s goal.