Tale of The Tape: Tom Wilson vs. Zach Sill, Michael Latta vs. Steve Downie

Posted January 29, 2015

Tom Wilson – 6’4″, 210 lbs. 21 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Zach Sill – 6’0″, 202 lbs. 6 Career NHL Regular Season Fights

Michael Latta – 6’0″, 209 lbs. 7 Career NHL Regular Season Fights.

Steve Downie – 5’11” – 191 lbs. 40 Career NHL Regular Season Fights.

Tom Wilson and Michael Latta strolled into the Verizon Center, holding hands. They were talking about typical bromance things. Ping pong, Costco deals, male fragrance, the latest episode of “The Bachelor.” Just laughing and carrying on.

They turn the corner and see Steve Downie and Zach Sill, also holding one another hand. Both pairs stop. They stair each other down in silence. Finally, Downie speaks.

“What are you two doing?” Downie asks.

“Just walking through,” Wilson replied.

Then, things got heated immediately. There was lots of bickering back and forth. Sill claimed he and Downie were the most adorable bromance in the league. Latta said that’s not possible, no one has ever heard of you Sill. Downie pushed Wilson, Wilson pushed Downie. Finally both pairs collected themselves.

“We will settle this on the ice,” Latta said.

“We’ll prove we are the true bromance,” Sill said.

And the two pairs walked away from one another, and Wilson and Latta knew they had to prove that they were in fact the better bromance.

Wilson and Sill dropped the gloves first.

Wilson pounced fast. He got like five punches in before Sill even realized he was in a fight. Sill aimlessly tries to throw a punch back, but instead manages to get his jersey overtop of his face. The refs immediately step in as they determine it was a joke of a fight. It wasn’t even remotely close.

Wilson and Latta’s Bromance 1, Downie and Sills Bromance 0.

Then, Latta and Downie squared off for round 2.

The two pulled each other in close. Downie got a big hit in, while Latta answered with a quick little jab. They spun around a couple of times, exchanging light little jabs. Downie get some space, but before he can throw a big left hook, Latta moves in for the punch. Latta then answers with a couple of good, strong punches. Latta then decides mid-fight it might be easier if he took off his jersey. Downie and Latta each exchange a hit, and Latta knocks Downie’s helmet off. Abs flashing, Latta tries to do a little push/hit to Downie’s face, and Downie does one in return. Downie throws another big punch, but Latta answers with an even bigger one of his own. Downie throws one more, and the two grow tired as the refs bring it to a halt.

And the winner is….Michael Latta!

No one messes with Wilson and Latta’s Bromance.