Mike Moore Headed to DEL

Posted July 25, 2016

Last week, news was released that the Hershey Bears’ former Man of the Year, Mike Moore will be heading to the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) to play for the Fischtown Pinguins. Last season Moore recorded 10 points in 48 regular season games (5 goals, 5 assists).

Via Fischtown Pinguins website (translated)

Penguins put the final point


Mike Moore to lead with experience and hardness

At the conclusion of this year’s “Engagement Corso” to those responsible at the Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz have come up something special. With the signature of Mike Moore penguins went into the net a remarkably good gain. After all, is the 31 year old left shooter who is 185cm tall and 95kg weighs in, with the recommendation of rich 467 AHL and as many as 6 NHL (San Jose) Games traveled to the seaside town. Nevertheless, Team Manager Prey will not hear of a “king Transfer” and an exercise in understatement.Prey: “All of us, made after the rise obligations King Transfers for our standards. But Mike’s a good one. “CEO Hauke Hasselbring is there already a little clearer. “Of course we expect from Mike a lot and we are sure that he will give our defense absolute stability.”

Expected stability of Moore is an objective that can implement in any case the defense. Moore is a typical “shut down defender”, a player who goes there where it hurts and its constancy   can help every team. Was in the AHL he acquired through his not to be despised “open ice checks” respect and recognition. Roy Summer, coach of Worcester Sharks gets to the point: “He is always focused mentally and physically full. Moreover, he seems the art   of the “open-ice hits” to have rediscovered. “A fact that is not likely to please any opponent. Pinguins coach Thomas Popiesch is especially pleased with this commitment: “He is exactly the type of player we were looking for.Mike plays consistently, with a good positional play and has a lot of overview. “It should not go unmentioned but also the ability of the new arrival to possess absolute leadership. That Moore is not only on the ice a “Leader” and sets the tone in the cabin, proves the fact that he has after all done in the last six years of his career five times his team as captain on the ice.

Moore, who will play as a new husband to the seat number # 55 in the seaside town, sees his new tasks with excitement. “Of course I had again some great deals in the AHL, but the offer from Bremerhaven was tempting, because I always wanted to play in Europe. Personally I see the penguins as a good opportunity to prove myself in a new environment again can. In addition, I was pleased with the fair and honest negotiations. I believe we can make with the penguins already for a surprise or two. ”

Except for the missing third goalkeeper to be yet introduced, according to Prey this week, so the squad of “fish Towner” is complete. Those responsible are now looking forward to the first training impressions and thereafter following matches. “We believe that we have made the best choices within our capabilities and look forward now huge when we can start,” gave Hauke Hasselbring and Alfred Prey, asked for their impressions of squad strength,   unison on record.

Moore will take his hard-nosed, consistent defensive play and willingness to drop the mitts with anyone willing to tangle (see video below) with him on his new adventure. His hockey sense and defensive skills will be a great addition to the Pinguins.

Moore came to the Caps organization in the summer of 2014 from the Bruins organizatoin. Before joining the bears, he dawned both the “A” and “C” on his sweaters with the Milwaukee Admirals, Providence Bruins and Worcester Sharks. This followed him to the Bears as well. In both seasons with the Bears, he would once again serve as the alternate captain. With a stable full of rookie defenders for the 2015-2016 season, the Bears would look to the experience and leadership of Moore to help develop these players. Given the impact that these players had on the Bears this season, there is no doubt that Moore’s mentoring helped to bring them along.

Moore was also named the Hershey Bears Man of the Year for the 2014-2015 season, the fourth time receiving this honor for his outstanding work in community service. Anyone that has met, played or talked with Moore will agree that he is an all-around great person. This Pinguins will gain a great locker room presence by bringing Moore on board.

The term hardworking and Moore go hand in hand. He is always working on his game and finding ways to improve, not only his personal play, but the team as well. In his first season with the Bears, an elbow injury sidelined Moore for the better part of three months. After his rehab and rest, Moore, itching to return to the line up, joined the team in February against the WBS Penguins. Not only would this be his return to the lineup, but Moore would net the OT game winner (video below).

There is no doubt that Moore does not take anything for granted. Every opportunity he is given, he has earned. When given the C, or A to wear on his sweater, it shows that he has earned the respect of his players and coaches giving them the feeling he will do all he can to lead the team on and off the ice. This spills over to the community as well. You can see that kids look up to those in leadership rolls, including Moore.

There is no doubt that the Hershey community has felt the impact of Moore’s abilities both on and off the ice. From laying a vicious hit, to taking time to visit the Penn State Children’s Hospital Moore has shown that life is about much more than hockey. There is a definite fan base that will miss his grittiness, defensive play and character. The Pinguins will be lucky to have him as a part of their team and community. There is no doubt that he will do wonderful things with his new team. Good luck to you Mr. Mike, and always remember #InMooreWeTrust.

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