Introducing the 2016-17 Red Rockers!

Posted July 23, 2016

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

“It was good.  The judges made me feel comfortable and not intimidated at all, ” said 23-year-old Victoria B. after the formal interviews held Saturday. The Red Rocker hopeful is originally from New York and now resides in the District of Columbia.  “The conversation was free flowing and they asked why I wanted to be a Red Rocker.  I explained that I admire the way the Caps and the Red Rockers interact with the community.  I told them that being on the squad would be a way for me to call D.C. my home and help me put down roots in the community.”

Dressed in professional attire and carrying gym bags, 29 enthusiastic, determined young ladies came to VIDA Fitness at Verizon Center for the final Red Rocker spirit squad auditions on Saturday.  The auditions began with formal interviews conducted by members of Capitals Game Entertainment.  This year the panel of judges included Tyler Hines, Director of Game Entertainment; Kevin Giambi, Manager of Game Entertainment; Michelle Dee, Red Rocker Coach; and Erin Magee, Caps in-game host.  Both Dee and Magee are former Red Rockers.

“As always, this year we were looking for people who exude personality and who would be great ambassadors for the team,” said Hines after the interviews had been completed.

With the interviews in the bag, the eager finalists changed into their gym clothes to practice the final dance routine that they would perform for the judges.  The routine was choreographed by Coach Dee, to Iggy Alazea‘s “Bounce ” and presented to the finalists at a mandatory practice last Tuesday … but it didn’t stop there.  The participants practiced on their own, practiced with other participants, and then, practiced some more.

Twenty-two-year-old Courtney D. from Woodbridge, VA had an organized, systematic way to practice.

“We learned the steps and practiced together on Tuesday.  On my own, I practiced in sets of ten.  I would do the routine ten times, take a break and then do it again.  I also kept reviewing the steps in my head.  It was fun.  I really like that style of dance combining hip hop and cheer,” she explained.

Becca C. is originally from California, but currently loves living in D.C.  The veteran Red Rocker was back to audition for her second year and the chance to make it two in a row.  The 24-year-old Hospitality Coordinator by trade was excited about the opportunity to audition and continue on the squad.

“It was my turn to be a leader.  I hosted a mini practice for some of the local vets and new faces at my home last week.  People gave me that chance last year and I wanted the new girls to have the same chance,” said Becca.  “Practicing together was a great way to build a foundation for friendships, create a bond, and get ready for the new season.  It was a lot of fun.”

Finally, the participants were placed in small groups to perform the final dance routine.  After all the groups had performed, the judges met privately to deliberate and choose the new squad.  And, after an anxious wait for the finalists, Giambi, their new manager, announced the 2016-2017 squad.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Red Rockers!

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