Twenty Things LESS Frustrating than Capitals’ Game Five Loss to Flyers

Posted April 23, 2016

I’ve been a Capitals fan for 30 years, so I’ve lived my share of Playoff disappointment. Despite what most in the media will tell you, it hasn’t just been about Game 7 for the Capitals, they’ve had plenty of great opportunities to put teams away in earlier games. Honestly I don’t think you can blame a lack of killer instinct, sense of urgency, or event playoff experience for their inability to put teams away over the years, they really have just gotten screwed by the hockey gods. It’s with no shortage of bad luck for the good guys that they’ve put together an impressive resume of playoff frustration for Capitals fans. So when the Caps took the 3-0 series lead (for the first time ever) in dominating style, it felt like a fresh sheet of ice, a new chance for the Capitals to succeed.


Early in this series, every break was finally going their way, so of course the hockey gods had to restore balance. Balance came in the form of former Capital, Michael Neuvirth. I shouldn’t have to tell you what Neuvy did tonight, if you missed it, go read some other site for a game story. Instead I want to examine how it made myself (and I imagine many of you) feel; FRUSTRATED, more frustrated than I’ve ever felt watching a Capitals game ever before. I dealt with it the only I way I know how, by making jokes on twitter. I even joked that Caps fans had a serious case of blue balls, and boy could they have used the sweet release of scoring tonight.

So to help ease that frustration a little, let’s have some fun by thinking about twenty things that are LESS frustrating than the Capitals’ Game 5 loss to the pitiful Flyers. For my own sanity, I’m going to avoid the obvious ones.


1) Watching NBCSN and seeing that Mike Milbury still has a job.



2) Trying to find a satisfying Coca-Cola at Verizon Center.



3) Watching Sidney Crosby’s Playoff Beard Grow.



4) Remembering that Jeff Schultz has lifted the Stanley Cup.



5) Getting stiffed for cab fare by Patrick Kane.



6) Watching Brian Mitchell talk about hockey.



7) Receiving a Caps App Alert when you’re a few minutes behind watching the game live with your DVR.



8) Paying service fees on Stubhub.



9) Realizing Filip Forsberg led the Predators in Goals and Points this season.



10) Realizing Filip Forsberg led the Predators in Goals and Points last season too.



11) Seeing the first 4 rows of Verizon Center empty at the start of each period because “VIP” ticket holders are at the buffet.



12) Checking Brent Burns for Lice.



13) Watching a National Broadcast with a biased local commentary team.



14) Having a battle of wits with unarmed fans on Twitter.



15) Watching Ray Emery Assault Braden Holtby and NOT get suspended.



16) Operating the Telestrator video feed for Craig Laughlin.



17) Tuning to CSN for Caps Pregame and finding Larry Michael talking about the Redskins.



18) Waiting to exit the parking garage after a Capitals playoff loss.



19) Getting a flat tire after a Capitals Game 7 Loss.



20) Having to cut a playoff beard far too early, again.


Take comfort Caps Fans, when we finally do win the cup, the victory will be even sweeter because of the frustration and disappointment we have endured.