Caps Playoff Anxiety Meter (for Game 2)

Posted April 16, 2016

Alex Ovechkin (Caps Outsider)

1st Period:

20:00 left – Anxiety level  8/10

Just stay out of the box and let Braden Holtby do his thing and we’ll be good.

7:30 left – Anxiety level 8/10


6:00 left – Anxiety level 5/10

GOOOAAAAALLLL. Comcast SportsNet informs me the Caps were 34-2-2 when scoring first. Nats up 3-0 on the Phillies too.

3:00 left – Anxiety level 9/10

Flyers on the 5-on-3. Was that their 19th shot of the period? Isn’t that already what they had in game 1?

2:00 left – Anxiety 7/10

5-on-3 killed. Verizon Center sounds deafening. Bravo to Holtby and the penalty killers.

2nd Period:

20:00 left – Anxiety 7/10

Has a team ever been shutout for an entire series?

17:00 left – Anxiety 5/10

GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL. Separated groin or not, I could make that save (I think).

10:00 left – Anxiety 8/10

There goes the no-hitter, er I mean, shutout. Holtby nearly saved that too.

8:00 left – Anxiety 9/10

HOLTBEAST. Holtby’s save on Brayden Schenn keeps the lead. Flyers bench was practically celebrating. Oy vey, this is getting stressful. Was that their 30th shot already?

2:30 left – Anxiety 6/10

OVIIIIIIIIIII. Giant exhale. Lead back up to 2.

3rd Period:

20:00 left – Anxiety 7/10

20 more minutes until the worst-case scenario is a 2-2 series tie for game 5.

14:00 left – Anxiety 7/10

Too early to give Holtbeast the Conn Smythe?

7:30 left – Anxiety 6/10

BOOOOOOOOOM. Mike Richards flattens Nick Cousins. Any relation to Kirk?

2:00 left – Anxiety 2/10,

That’ll do pig. Nicky has us up 4-1.

00:00 left 

Pack some brooms for the trip to Philly, we’re going for the sweep!