Hershey Bears GM Doug Yingst Bobblehead

Posted March 22, 2016

The Hershey Bears tweeted an unexpected photo today of a bobblehead giveaway of President and General Manager Doug Yingst.

There is one major issue: The giveaway falls on the same night as Evgeny Kuznetsov statue night, which is Saturday. So Caps and Bears fans have a big decision to make this weekend for which game to go to, because both of those giveaways are must haves in any fans’ collection.

Obviously bobbleheads are our thing, but we’ve already committed to Kuznetsov figurine night. That means, like most fans who already have tickets, we will storm eBay to bid on any Yingst bobblehead up for sale. Let’s take a look at this bobblehead:

This bobblehead features Yingst standing in a suit and in both arms is one of many Calder Cups won under his direction. Including a past bobblehead of Yannick Tifu holding the Kelly Cup, when the Caps were affiliated with the Reading Royals, now we only need a bobblehead of a Caps player holding a mini Stanley Cup and our trifecta of mini trophies will be completed! Let’s hope we can see something like that in the near future. And maybe a bobblehead of GM Brian MacLellan.

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