Congratulations, Alex Ovechkin, on 500 Goals

Posted January 10, 2016

Dear Alex Ovechkin,

Some of us have been Caps fans longer than you’ve been alive. Over the years, we had solid teams to root for, and lots of  fond memories. We’ve had plenty of favorite players, like Rod LangwayMike GartnerDale HunterPeter Bondra, and Olaf Kolzig. But you gave Caps fans someone to root for that they never had: An undisputed superstar of a generation of players.

When you came to D.C., it came with extremely high expectations. Just a year earlier, the team imploded and tanked in the standings, one of the lowest points in Caps history, all things considered. A lockout took away an entire year of hockey. All of this did however, set a stage for you, and you stepped right into the spotlight.

As soon as you took the ice in your first regular season game, you hit an opponent so hard that it dislodged the glass. Then you scored two goals to lead the Caps to victory. We knew right then that you were the real deal, as you gave the Caps, and hockey itself, a shot in the arm.

For more than ten years, you’ve given us memorable goals, memorable celebrations, and memorable victories. You inspired folks to become fans, and turned some of us into players. You gave us reason to keep watching. You not only met, but exceeded expectations. And you’re not done yet.

Congratulations, Alex, on your 500th career goal. We love you.


Caps Fans