After Scoring, T.J. Oshie Didn’t Know Who to Hug

Posted October 30, 2015

T. J. Oshie (Caps Outsider)

In what was a relatively boring 2-1 win against Columbus on Friday (compared to the high-scoring victories in the other games), one particular play stood out. In the third period, with a one goal lead, the Alex Ovechkinto-Nicklas Backstrom-to-T.J. Oshie-to-the-back-of-the-net play brought the crowd to its feet.

“I was 90% sure he was going to give it to me,” Oshie said of Backstrom’s pass. “I think if he wanted to, he could’ve buried it himself. You know Nick, he always sees the next play, usually in front of everyone else.”

The two Caps goals came from the new guys, Oshie and Justin Williams. Coach Barry Trotz said it was exciting to watch that play from the bench, saying Oshie made the goal look casual.

When asked about how pretty it looked, Oshie answered. “I was just so excited it goes in. If you watch, I’m actually looking which guy to go hug, because Ovi made a great play over but then Backie left it for me, so I stop and try and just stand there and they come to me.”