Laughlins, Coaches Win Third Straight Coaches Cup

Posted August 6, 2015

Craig, and his kids Courtney and Kyle celebrate a goal. (Photos by Caps Outsider)

In the annual coaches vs. students game at Craig Laughlin‘s Network Hockey camp at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel, the coaches were once again victorious. The 7-2 win gave them their third straight championship (though last years’ result was controversial, to say the least).

Once again, Craig, and his children Courtney and Kyle (all of whom are coaches), were the first, second and third stars, not necessarily in that order. Courtney credited her father for urging them to victory.

“I think it was 5-2, they scored a big goal,” Courtney said. “Dad’s sitting on the bench. He said, ‘Kyle, Court, we need a big shift here. Next goal is going to be a big one.’ So next, shift, tic-tac-toe, Laughlin-Laughlin-Laughlin, goal!”

“We’re sort of like the Stastnys, or the Howes,” Craig said.

Both teams took a group photo after the game before Craig insisted on a photo just with the winners. He did, however, have some kid words for his students.

“Great competition, great pace. The kids worked their butts off. I thought early on we were in trouble. Then all of a sudden, maybe it was smarts – definitely not legs – or oxygen, or being in shape. Maybe smarts kicked in for us.”

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 1

“Hold it here and put the biscuit in the basket!”

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 4

Craig takes a face off.

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 7

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 6

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 8

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 11

Courtney celebrates.

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 13

They just keep getting better.

laughlin-coaches-challenge - 10

Group photo!