The Last Easton Stealth CNT for Mike Green?

Posted April 1, 2015

(Caps Outsider)

As many of you know, Mike Green’s favorite stick is the Easton Stealth CNT, which was discontinued back in 2008. Green has gone to great lengths in getting more of them, and fans have even returned sticks to him that they had purchased. However, the sticks are still hard to come by, and with only a few in his possession, he is looking high and low to find more.

Recently, Caps Outsider took a trip across the border to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. As soon as we entered, sitting in one of the first display cases was the stick that Green used to score in his record setting eighth consecutive game back in the 2008-09 season. This one:

Now lets take a closer look at that stick he’s got in his hands.

There it is! Another Easton Stealth CNT that Mr. Green so desperately wants.

(Andy Wallace)

Pictures via Andy Wallace

(Andy Wallace)

And that’s a match! So if Green really wants one last Easton Stealth CNT, he may have to snatch it from the display case at the Hockey Hall of Fame.