A Fond Farewell to Caps Reporter Adam Vingan

Posted March 9, 2015

This is the best photo we have of Vingan, who is sticking his head out from behind DC Examiner’s Michael Hoffman, center. Rock the Red’s Harry Hawkings is on the left. Those were the days. (Caps Outsider)


Vingan was the master of photobombs.

Caps Outsider would like to congratulate longtime Caps reporter Adam Vingan, who recently announced that he is leaving the area to take a job covering the Nashville Predators for the Tennessean. His last day is Wednesday.

Vingan, a 2011 Cappie Award winner for Caps Outsider’s Blogger of the Year, is one of the few Caps writers who worked his way up from blogger to full-time reporter. Aspiring sports journalists looking to break into the business needn’t look any further for a success story (well, maybe Neil Greenberg, but he uses math – yuck). No one just gets a job covering a team full time – it requires lots of hard work and sacrifice, often years of work, and Vingan straight-up earned it.

We can’t say goodbye to Vingan, however, without telling everyone the REAL reasons he’s going to Nashville. Without further ado… the list:

Top Ten Reasons Adam Vingan is going to Nashville

10 – Dispatched by Ted Leonsis for a secret mission to lure Filip Forsberg back to DC
9 – Ran out of DC news outlets to write for about the Caps
8 – DC wasn’t ‘Hipster’ enough
7 – Still bitter the Caps never credentialled him for his original blog, Kings of Leonsis
6 – Needs greater access to photobomb Western Conference players
5 – Got stumped thinking of puns for ‘Burkovsky’
4 – Assumes Carrie Underwood always hangs out in the Nashville press box
3 – Tired of the Caps’ early playoff exits
2 – Parents increased his rent
1 – Always wanted to be on that show… To Catch a Predator

In all seriousness, we wish Vingan the best of luck at his new job and will hope he makes a return for the Nashville-Washington Stanley Cup Finals.