Tale of the Tape: Liam O’Brien vs Brandon Prust

Posted October 10, 2014

Liam O’Brien – 6’1″, 205 lbs. 1 Career NHL Regular Season Fight

Brandon Prust – 6’0″, 194 lbs. 104 career NHL Regular Season Fights

October 9, 2014. 49 seconds into the second period. Caps up 1-0.

In Liam O’Brien’s first career NHL game, he got right down to what he’s known to do best, dropping the gloves.

O’Brien, who last year had 148 penalty minutes in 68 games, observed a high hit from Brandon Prust on fellow Cap Jack Hillen. O’Brien took offense to the upending hit, and immediately threw off his gloves to attack the fighting veteran.

“What happened was, he hit Hillen, kinda took a run at him, and he asked me to draw,” O’Brien said after the game.

O’Brien quite literally pounced, spinning and taking down Prust. Prust was able to get back on his feet as O’Brien tried to reach a few punches in. Prust ends up regaining his balance, and both players proceed to whale upon one another. Prust pushes O’Brien to the boards, and grabs ahold of O’Brien’s helmet, ripping it off of his head. Prust throws in a few more shots to the back of O’Brien’s head. O’Brien is pinned between the boards and Prust, and couldn’t get his hands free. The refs step in, but neither player wants it to end. O’Brien gets in a few quick jabs as he grabs ahold of Prust’s collar. O’Brien tries to reach in, but over commits, allowing Prust to gain a upper hand. O’Brien recovers, and lands another punch right on Prust’s helmet. O’Brien pulled Prust in closer. Each player desperately tries to gain a little space to throw another big blow, but both collectively agreed to end the fight.

“It was one of the longer ones I’ve been a part of,” O’Brien said. “Just trying to get in there for a teammate.”

O’Brien proved that he will be more than willing to step in and fight anybody that tries to take any liberties against his teammates. It’s all apart that new “gang mentality” Head Coach Barry Trotz has tried to instill in his players.

“I want guys sticking up for each other,” said coach Barry Trotz. “O’Brien is a hard-nosed player.”