Sylvain Cote Talks About the Moon as Former Caps Honored

Posted October 9, 2014

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

To start off the 40th season in Washington Capitals history, the team invited Caps legends Rod Langway, Peter Bondra, Craig Laughlin and Sylvain Cote to drop the ceremonial first puck before the game. The gents also answered questions, talking about what Washington meant to them and how much they love it here.

Langway and Laughlin told stories about being traded to the Caps from Montreal during the ‘Save the Caps’ phase of the franchise in the early 80s. Everyone at the table credited Langway for saving the team as he ushered in a new era of actually making the playoffs consistently.

Cote was adamant that there was nothing left for the team to do except win a Stanley Cup. That, he said, was needed to spark interest in hockey in the area, which in turn would benefit area youth hockey.

Now, to that thing about the moon. While talking about what it would take to win a championship, Cote was trying to say that the stars, planets and the moon must align perfectly for that Stanley Cup to be attainable in D.C.. But he didn’t get that far – he got stuck on moon, repeating it several times as Langway and Laughlin poked fun. (Maybe you had to be there.)



“Guys, the moon, the moon had to be there to win the Stanley Cup,” Cote didn’t say.


“I agree, Sylvain,” Laughlin said. “The moon should be there.”


“What the heck was Cote talking about?”


“Okay fellas, enough moon jokes.”


“I’m STILL the team’s all-time leading scorer!”


Puck dropped, hands shaked.