Caps Top Fights of 2013-2014: Number 3

Posted July 6, 2014

Tom Wilson vs. Rich Clune.  December 7th.  16:30  into the first period.  Capitals up 3-0.

Tom Wilson is the protecter of the Capitals.  If anyone messes with a Capital, if any one tries to hurt a Capital, if anyone even looks at a Capital funny, Wilson will be there to make sure it never happens again.

I don’t know what Clune did, but no matter what, I’m on Wilson’s side.  I fully believe Clune messed with a Capital, tried to hurt a Capital, or looked at a Capital funny.  Wilson would never lie.

With the Capitals already up big, Clune dropped the gloves with the youngster.

Clune actually caught Wilson a couple of times early on.  Wilson just couldn’t seem to get a good hold of Clune.  Clune is a very experienced fighter, fighting in the NHL for over four years.  Four years ago, Wilson a 15 year old popular high schooler, who’s number one concern was which girl he would choose to take to homecoming, not fighting NHLers.

But Wilson seemed to regain the momentum, knocking Clune to his knees.  But, again, Clune recovered, forcing Wilson against the boards.  But Wilson continued to fight back, throwing punch after punch into Clune’s head.  Then, Wilson was able to spin around, turning the tables for good.  With each one of Joe Beninati’s grunts and moans, Wilson teed off, taking Clune down.

Wilson won the fight in a TKO.  And Clune quickly learned his lesson, don’t mess with, try to hurt, or even look at any Capital funny under Wilson’s watch.