Karl Alzner Needs a Dropcam

Posted February 2, 2014

This post brought to you by Dropcam. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember the Playoffs of 2012, when Washington fell to New York in triple-overtime and Karl Alzner returned to his house a few hours later than normal? The scene below is what greeted Karl at home. Alzner-Dogs

Left to entertain themselves for an extended period of time, Alzner's dogs decided to tear the house apart. But what if Karl had a way to check in on his pooches in between periods? If he had a Dropcam, he could do just that, drop-in on the pups to make sure everything was ok. He could even use the two-way talk feature to praise them for good behavior, or scold them when they started to get rambunctious.

 photo Dropcam-product-iPad-72dpi_zpsf543ba15.jpg

Dropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring service with free live streaming, two-way talk and remote viewing that makes it easy to stay connected with places, people, and pets, no matter where you are, even in an NHL lockerroom.

You can use the Dropcam for both home security and as a home monitor. With the ability to review footage from the past week, Karl Alzner could have even determined which of his dogs was really to blame, instead of punishing both of them. A video clip of his canines going nuts around the same time the game winning goal was scored against him would have made for an epic share on Instagram.

 photo DropCam-PRO_Front_72dpi_zps3c544615.jpg

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