Joe B. and Locker Glossary Part 2

Posted January 25, 2014

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Amid the shortened 2012-2013 hockey season, Capitals Outsider brought you the original Joe B. and Locker Glossary. It is a list of quirky, wacky terms used by Comcast SportsNet announcer, Joe Beninati, and color analyst/former Washington Capital, Craig Laughlin, to call Caps’ games play-by-play. And they are still at it! Whether the Caps are winning or struggling, the dynamic announcing duo keep fans smiling by making the game fun and exciting for CSN viewers.

With the help of Caps’ fans, the glossary continues to grow! Here is what we have so far:

  • Bang bang play – quick shots on goal
  • Big rig – large player
  • Bisiquit in the basket – puck in the net
  • Bouncing biscuit – bouncing puck
  • Chiclets – teeth
  • Chisels – quickly taking the puck down the ice
  • Cutesy passes – soft passes
  • Dipsy do – fancy skating or stick/puck handling
  • El Kabong or Kabong – a hard check
  • Extra sauce or mustard – describing the speed of a shot or pass
  • Freight trained – checked hard
  • Going up the gut – skating up the middle of the ice
  • Hackin’ and whackin’ – when an opposing player is stick checking the guy with the puck
  • Harlem Globe Trotter game – continuous skating back and forth with no checking
  • Hold it hear – stop the telestrator
  • Howitzer, bullet, scorcher, blast — slap shot
  • Melt the puck – the goalie covers it
  • In his grill – in his face
  • Pancake – when a player is checked, sandwiched between two opposing players
  • Peanut butter – the goalie’s water bottle
  • Production line – good hockey line
  • Pulled the trigger – shot the puck
  • Pup – young player
  • Put on his wallet – a player in knocked on his behind
  • Shake n’ bake – quick moves to fake out the goalie
  • Sin bin – penalty box
  • Soap on a rope – player has the puck for a long time
  • Spark plug – a good, quick player
  • Sparkling play– very, very good play
  • Tic-tac-toe – pass from one player to another, and then another, usually resulting in a goal
  • Twig – hockey stick
  • Woodwork – the boards

Feel free to write any Beninati and Laughlin-isms that you have heard in the comment section and we will add them to the list. Beware of actual hockey terms. From time to time, Joe B. and Locker throw those in, too!