Jason Chimera Messes With Al Koken

Posted January 2, 2014

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

al koken

If it were anyone else, Al Koken might have been annoyed.

Hockey players playing practical jokes on one another isn’t anything new, and shenanigans like this likely happen more often than we think. During warm-ups Thursday before the Caps-Hurricanes game, Jason Chimera decided to mess with Comcast SportsNet’s Al Koken while he was standing in front of the camera with Alan May. Chimera started tapping his stick on Koken’s shoulder as Koken was trying to do his job. No harm, though, as Koken laughed it off.

Chimera, meanwhile, hung out at the bench for a bit, talked to Joel Ward and the coaches, tossed a puck into the crowd, and went back to warm up.

So, let’s just say, despite the losing streak and lack of scoring lately, Chimera is keeping in good spirits.