Karl Alzner’s Mid-Movember Change-up

Posted November 24, 2013

Before and after. Photos via Karl Alzner

No one on the Caps seems to have more fun with Movember than defenseman Karl Alzner. Though Alzner got off to a head start this year by growing his mustache well in advance of November 1, today he threw a curve-ball into the festivities. After a failed attempt to dye his mustache  a few weeks ago (an idea inspired by Hulk Hogan), Alzner today did something different than merely growing better hair than all of his teammates. He added some old-school personality to it.

Still trailing 19-year-old Tom Wilson (who can barely even grow a mustache), perhaps this is Alzner’s way of drawing attention down the stretch… to help change the face of men’s health. For that, Alzner deserves our donations.

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