Dear Google, Martin Erat Is NOT Carson From Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

Posted November 16, 2013

Anyone who searches for “Martin Erat” on Google is in for a surprise. The main photo that comes up is a dude named Carson Kressley from a TV show called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

And it was Caps Outsider’s fault.

Back when Erat joined the Caps, I searched the Interwebs to learn more about him for a “Welcome to Washington” article. On a Nashville Predators message board (I think – I can no longer find it), someone cracked a joke that Erat looks like Carson from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. Though I had never seen the show (seriously, I’ve never seen the show), I shamelessly looked for an image of this person, and posted it next to a photo of Erat. It wasn’t really that funny. But Google took it as the gospel (because this site is soooooo credible), featuring it in its bio box that appears on the right-hand side when someone searches his name. While other images of Erat also appear, the wrong one is the most prominent, as shown above.

Now, to Google’s credit, it does offer a feedback button, where I’ve told them TEN TIMES THAT IT IS THE WRONG IMAGE OF ERAT. Yet, Google keeps the image there (where it’s been for several months now).

Those images can change, because a search for George Parros used to show a photo of Snoop Dog wearing a fake mustache in that spot, and a search for Bruce Boudreau showed a Photoshopped image of him squeezing ketchup into his mouth. That no longer happens for either of them, perhaps because enough people complained, but I’m only speculating.

If anyone searches for Erat, and sees that image, please complain to Google via the feedback button, on the bottom right of the box. As funny as it may be, I’d say the Internet would be a better place if it were accurate. Now, in one last ditch effort to get Google to change this image the way Google knows how, we’ll run a new image of Erat that we’d prefer show up in that spot.


Martin Erat.

Now, let’s see Google work it’s magic.