Michal Neuvirth Threw His Hat After OT Win

Posted November 14, 2013

Jason Chimera plays around with the hat while celebrating the Caps’ 4-3 win. (Photo by Clyde Caplan, clydeorama.com)

After the Caps beat the Blue Jackets in overtime Tuesday, a hat was on the ice. That didn’t make much sense considering Alex Ovechkin‘s overtime goal was his first of the game in the 4-3 win, so it’s easy to chalk something like that up to an excited fan in the stands. Plus, Caps fans have thrown hats for non-hat-tricks before, like when a player scores twice in regulation and once during the shootout.

With the Capitals celebrating the victory, Joel Ward and Jason Chimera skated over and played with it. During the postgame salute, Michael Latta held it on his stick and played keep-away. Could this be… bullying????

UPDATE: Neuvirth confirmed: “Maybe yes :)”

We’ll try to figure this out for sure. Any thoughts on this, @stopthehats?


A lonesome hat. (Caps Outsider)


Joel Ward takes a moment to play with the hat. (Caps Outsider)