Vegas Gives Caps 20-1 Odds to Win Cup

Posted September 27, 2013
Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin and the Caps likely don’t care about Vegas odds. (Photo by Caps Outsider)

Caps Outsider’s Phil Van der Vossen was in Las Vegas last week, taking a look at the preseason odds to win the 2013-14 Stanley Cup. Caesars has the Caps at 20/1, with 11 teams having better odds. Last year, the Caps at one point had 12/1 odds to win the Cup. Meanwhile, Alex Ovechkin has 7/2 odds to win the Rocket Richard trophy, and Braden Holtby has 35/1 odds to lead the league in wins.

In other news that will come as no surprise, Vegas has the Pittsburgh Penguins on top of the list to win the Stanley Cup, which simply means Caps fans will make way more money when Washington wins the Cup. Right?

Side note: Sports Illustrated put Sidney Crosby on the NHL preview cover (also Patrick Kane in some regions).

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