Grabovski’s Spinning Shootout Goal on Neuvirth

Posted August 22, 2013

Mikhail Grabovski spins and scores.

There will be plenty of media focus on Mikhail Grabovski in the coming days as plenty of credible sources say he’s signed a one-year deal with the Caps.

But now, I want to bring up a moment that Caps fans would rather forget. Yes, I’m talking about the time he embarrassed Michal Neuvirth in a shootout at Verizon Center while leading the Toronto Maple Leafs to a 5-4 win. He also had a goal and an assist. This was the only goal scored in the shootout.

The good news is, he’s a Cap now, and he’ll be pulling that same move on all the Metropolitan goalies, consistently. Right?

(Let’s not get too pumped up about this, though, as former Cap Wojtek Wolski once embarrassed Braden Holtby in a shootout, and we all know how his stint in Washington turned out.)

Here’s Alex Ovechkin leveling Grabovski.

And here’s Grabovski knocking down John Erskine.

Welcome to Washington, Grabovski!