Mike Green Launches New Website

Posted June 4, 2013

Photo via mikegreen52.com

Mike Green‘s last website, greenlife52.com, was cybersquatted a while ago by some sort of ‘green’ energy company that claims to specialize in selling high-quality leather goods. With that domain gone, Green launched a new site, mikegreen52.com.

The site features links to his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, and he’s already written a thank you note to the first person who bought a t-shirt from his store.

But as if there was any doubt what number Green wore, it’s all cleared up now. If you can only count in Roman numerals, Green has thought of you, too, displaying the Roman numeral 52 (LII) in the top banner.

For those in love with Green, this site is basically the perfect stalking tool. It’s all his social media feeds wrapped up in a nice little bow. And fans will never have to worry about missing a Green experience. His “Happenings” page will advertise all his future signings, appearances, etc.

Overall, this site is much better than his old one, so props to you, Mike. It’s crisp, it’s modern and it’s very Mike Green. And it’s not even finished yet!


Hopefully, this one doesn’t get taken over by an energy/leather goods company like the old one.

Still not sure if you love Green enough to buy his merchandise? This spiffy video will change your mind.