Happy Birthday, Brooksie!

Posted June 23, 2012

Credit: US Presswire

Today we celebrate the birthday of the Capitals’ resident tire-changer and all-around good guy, Brooks Laich. As Brooks celebrates his 29th birthday, presumably back home in Wawota, Saskatchewan, we here at Capitals Outsider hope he enjoys celebrating the last year of his 20s with his family and girlfriend Amanda. If you’re looking to get a special gift for Brooks, here are a few suggestions: 1) Chilton’s Auto Repair Manual and coveralls

Since Brooks has proven he has a knack for changing tires, why not get him an automobile repair manual? Not only could he fix his teammate’s cars for cheap, couldn’t you picture him changing a serpentine belt on I-270? And hey, you never know, he could parlay this into a career after hockey is done.

 2) A bass guitar

Brooks has said that if he wasn’t a hockey player he would love to be in a rock band. He strikes me as a bass player- the tall, silent type that doesn’t want all of the attention and lets his skills do all of the talking.

3) Blue Jays stuff

Besides for hockey, Laich’s favorite sport is baseball. He is also a rabid Blue Jays fan. I can’t think of a better way to combine his love of baseball, the Blue Jays, and beer than with this mug.

Have a great day, Brooks, and we all hope to see you very soon!