My Date With @alexsemin

Posted May 2, 2012

This is Alex Semin, who I may or may not have a date with, depending on whether you can trust the internet. Read on. #mydatewithsemin (Photo by Alena Schwarz)

You know how they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Well the squeaky wheel also gets a date with enigmatic Caps winger Alex Semin. As long as that squeaky wheel is me.

I’ve been pestering @alexsemin on Twitter, asking him for an interview… and maybe a date. I know you think it’s not really him, but shouldn’t we make sure? I mean how unlikely is it really that Sasha not only speaks fluent English, but also has a great sense of humor and often tweets throughout Caps games, much to the delight of his 13,000+ followers?

As just one of those followers, I wasn’t confident Sasha would even notice me. After all, I’m just a fan, and dreams like that don’t come true. Or do they?

@alexsemin has agreed to do an interview with me. But that’s not all! If he scores a goal at Verizon Center either tonight or Saturday, he’s agreed to go out with me. That’s right, folks, @alexsemin will go out on a date with me… but only if he scores. Don’t miss the fantastic pun there, I’ve been planning it all day.

But like any girl about to interview and/or go out with a celebrity, I’m agonizing about it. I need suggestions and advice for a date with Semin, and questions you’d like me to ask in my interview. Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #mydatewithsemin.  You can find me @Nicole_Weissman, Capitals Outsider @CapsOutsider, and my date @alexsemin.