Holtby and Carlson Asked to Prom

Posted May 2, 2012

Braden Holtby and John Carlson were asked to Prom by two young ladies along the glass prior to tonight’s Game 3, but hopefully they’ll still be playing on June 2nd. As Greg Wyshynski joked on Twitter, this must make Mike Green feel so old now. Holtby and Carlson are both 22 years old, and probably a bit too old themselves to be attending Prom, but that didn’t stop these two puck bunnies from trying. Being the responsible journalist that I am, I hustled down to their section for a hard hitting interview.

The young ladies, wearing matching outfits, attend Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, an independent college-preparatory school for girls. Since they were in High School and wearing cut off t-shirts, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask their names (although they wanted to volunteer them), however I did get the scoop on pre-game reactions from the players. John Carlson gave his young fans a smile, but unfortunately for them, Braden Holtby was in too much of a zone to notice. Honestly that’s the last thing we need, for Holtby to squirt his bottle in the air and then lose his focus as his eyes catch the eye candy in the front row instead of the water droplets.

So although they said they were going to keep trying, I don’t really see this working out for these girls. Maybe when they get to college next year they can try again. The Capitals have plans for June 2nd already anyways.