Braden Holtby Stanley Cup Bobblehead Review

Posted June 19, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions and that means one thing… WE GET BOBBLEHEADS! As we detailed already, there are going to be 24 Stanley Cup-themed bobbleheads, produced by FOCO, available come September. Since that’s still a ways away we thought it would be fun to spend that time taking a closer look at each bobblehead included in this lineup.

Today we will take a look at the man in net, Braden Holtby. What looked like a lost postseason opportunity for him turned out to be the most successful of his career and that performance is a huge reason why are even blessed with this opportunity to review these bobbleheads. Lets take a look!

A helmet-less Holtby is clinging to the Stanley Cup (as are all the other bobbleheads) and just above that is FOCU’s best attempt to show of that insane beard he rocked for two straight months. I don’t think anybody could ever replicate what Holtby’s facial hair (save Brett Connolly who, by the way, didn’t make the bobblehead cut) but you can definitely see that half of his face has been taken over by this un-tamable bush. In addition to the beard they’ve also included the slicked back flow and even what looks to be the newly shrunken goalie pads. Given that this man could be argued to be the sole focus of the greatest turning point in our franchises history, we think you’ll want to have his bobblehead on your shelf.

You can order this, and many others, from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

Lastly, let’s cross our fingers that this one gets made:

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