Brad Marchand’s Night of Diving

Posted April 17, 2012

Karl Alzner drew some attention last night for mocking Milan Lucic with his cry-baby face. He probably could have done his Twitter follower count an even bigger favor if he had mocked Brad Marchand with a diving motion. In a performance that seemed reminiscent of Jacob Markstrom, or hell, even Ryan Kesler from the night before, Brad Marchand dove his way to Power Plays last night. I understand the league has a violence / suspension problem on its hands right now, but they really need to start suspending serial divers as well. Despite what Alan May thinks, nobody really wants our sport to turn into soccer. This video doesn’t even come close to showing all of the Marchand dives from last night’s game :

Between Marchand’s ability to dive his way to opposition penalties, and Milan Lucic’s ability to draw coincidental minors, Capitals fans had no shortage of angst for officials last night. Honestly they did a much better job of keeping control of the game than other crews have around the league this post season, but many of their calls seemed a bit naive.