Brouwer Stretches in Tandem With Chicago’s Olsen

Posted March 19, 2012

Photos by Caps Outsider

CHICAGO – While Troy Brouwer‘s return to Chicago was a forgettable one in Sunday’s 5-2 loss (for Caps fans, at least, as if they really cared that much he was playing against his former team), he did seem to get friendly with Chicago’s Dylan Olsen during pre-game warmups. The two stretched together at mid-ice for several minutes. But there’s one slightly confusing thing going on here, though.

Olsen, 21, just started playing with the Blackhawks this season, and was not really a teammate of Brouwer’s, who is 26. They may have crossed paths at some point since Olsen was a 2009 Chicago draft pick. But did these two really get to know each other, despite not playing together? There must be SOME sort of friendship. This isn’t yoga class. I’d really like to know how often guys from opposing teams, who can’t possibly have a long history together, stretch in tandem before a game.