Green Jerseys Bring Hershey Luck on St. Patrick’s Day

Posted March 17, 2012

Pinball. Seriously. And this was not the only time this particular SNAFU happened, either (All Photos Credit: M. Richter)

At the midpoint of this game, I made a comparison between what was happening on the ice and a ping-pong game.  I was mistaken.  A more accurate comparison would be a game of pinball – plenty of back-and-forth, a healthy dose of bashing into the walls, and enough singing iron to nominate the goal posts for the AHL equivalent of Vezina.

Dany Sabourin at the heart of yet another scramble in front of the crease.

But you didn’t come here to hear about how the Bears beat the Albany Devils in the shootout on the strength of a Captain Boyd Kane goal and Dany Sabourin‘s goaltending.

The victorious netminder receives his due accolades.

Or how Tomas Kundratek scored both regulation goals to force the OT/Shootout, putting him at 6 points in two games.

Tomas Kundratek celebrates goal #2 of the evening. Something else to celebrate? His jersey brought in more than any other Bear at tonight's post-game auction. $2700.

Or even how RW Daniel Koger made his Hershey Bears debut (it’s his fourth AHL team this year, plus two ECHL teams – the latest of which was the South Carolina Stingrays.  Guy gets around).

Can you imagine making your professional debut with a team in this? Daniel Koger doesn't have to imagine.

No, you’re here for the jerseys, and who can blame you?  They’re not quite as spectacular as some of Hershey’s notorious fiascos.  One might almost call them bland by comparison.  But they’re still specialty jerseys, and the people of Hershey are still willing to shell out handsomely for them after the game (to the tune of over $39,000 (conservative estimate on the night totals out to $39,500, but it’s possible I missed a jersey in there).

Cody Eakin serves as a perfect model for tonight's St. Patrick's Day jersey in action. He was also the only other Bear to score in the shootout.

Patrick McNeill got a win for his birthday.

Captain Kane, looking dignified.

Boyd Kane slices through two opposing players, using only the power of his jersey.

A full gallery of images from the game will be going up on the author’s flickr over the next 36 hours.

ECHL Note: The Stingrays may not have had snazzy spruce-colored accents on their jerseys, but there was green beer on tap in Charleston, and the ‘Rays walked away with a 4-2 victory over the Cincinnati Cyclones.