Aucoin, Wife Have a Leap Baby

Posted March 1, 2012

He's a Bear, he's a Cap, he's a bear, he's a Cap, he's a Leap daddy! (Photo by M. Richter)

In between his frequent trips to and from Hershey, Capitals forward Keith Aucoin, and his wife, Maureen, became parents of Brayden Michael on Feb. 29 (leap day!). Of course, the news broke on Twitter. Looks like it was Hershey teammate Chris Bourque who spread the word.

(Someone should tell Braden that the baby’s name is Brayden, not Braden.)

After being sent back to Hershey before the trade deadline last week, Aucoin, 33, was brought back to D.C. shortly afterward, and may be playing Friday against New Jersey.