Mathieu Perreault’s Hat Trick in Photos

Posted January 24, 2012

Mathieu Perreault’s first career hat trick led the Capitals to victory over the heavily favored Boston Bruins tonight. I’m sure many wonderful words will be written about his performance, so instead I’m going to go the photographic route, starting with the shot above of the press swarming Matty after the game. In case you missed it, here is the event in video form :

Here are a few shots of the kids on the Ice Crew collecting the Hats :

[nggallery id=41]

Here are the Hats on the Ice via @Wyshynski and CSN :

Here is MattyP getting a Pie to the face from his suspended Captain. Via @itallfallsdwn and CSN:

Finally here is Perreault with a big old grin in the locker room :