Birthday Gifts for Nicklas Backstrom

Posted November 23, 2011

Photo by Alena Schwarz

Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom turns a glorious 24 years old today. To celebrate, we at Caps Outsider have prepared a special gift package for the birthday boy. On to the presents!

1) Power Play Hair Gel (for men)

Anyone who has seen Backstrom without a helmet knows that his hair is very “slick” to be pushed back like that, or he’s been dipping into Mike Green‘s hair gel when the latter isn’t looking. Well, Nicky, you won’t have to share anymore. Here’s your own gel!

TIGI Bed Head Men Power Play Gel 6.76 oz.

2) Swedish Fish

This one’s just too easy. Backstrom gets to show homeland pride while at the same time enjoying an artificially fruity flavored snack.

3) Mike Green’s Jersey

Backstrom and Green are roadie buddies. They room together and are, apparently, quite happy with each others’ company. So, to show a little support for road trip BFF, and to possibly make Alex Ovechkin jealous, they can now be jersey twinsies roommates.

Reebok Mike Green Washington Capitals Premier Jersey - White

4) A Georgetown Cupcake

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Add to the equation Backstrom’s totally pinch-able cheeks and this is perfect. Just one word of advice: we’d love for you to keep scoring, so don’t eat too many, Nick.