Happy Birthday, Kyle Greentree!

Posted November 15, 2011

Kyle Greentree, currently of the Hershey Bears, as he appeared in March, 2011. (Photo Credit: Bridget Samuels)

For his 28th birthday, Victoria, British Columbia’s Kyle Greentree would like to be 110% healthy.

Not the 65% required to limp back onto the ice midway through a playoff game.  Not the 85% to be certified “good to play” during the long mid-season months when the team has a healthy cushion in the division and can spare the manpower.  No, Kyle would appreciate a prolonged period of time at-or-above the 100% mark.

He’s been out of the Hershey lineup since the home opener on October 15, when he broke his right forearm in a bad collision with the boards.  If all goes well, current projections have him returning to the active roster in December.  So if you can’t send him good health this year, he’d also appreciate things of a distracting nature that don’t require his right hand (movies, puzzles, possibly a pet rock or a chia pet?).

In addition to his own desires, we here at Caps Outsider would also like to see Kyle 110% healthy.  He might be a career AHLer, having played in just 4 NHL games as he enters his fifth professional season, but he’s very good at it.  He’s averaged just under 30 goals per season, with the standout being 2008-9 when he ranked second in the league at 39.  Hershey is fortunate in its forward depth, but there is no such thing as too many talented wingers.