Opening Night Time-Lapse

Posted October 8, 2011

For opening night of the 2011-12 season for the Washington Capitals, I decided to go with a bit of an art project. The preceding time-lapse was captured in the lead up to the puck drop. Details on how this was accomplished follow after the jump.

For the aspiring photographers / videographers in the audience, I’ll provide a bit of detail on how this was done. I arrived early and setup a Canon EOS Rebel T1i on a tripod with a wide angel lens at my seat in the press box. The camera was tethered to my Macbook Pro where I utilized DSLR Assistant to capture still images every 20 seconds. As the game approached, I changed the increment to 10 seconds, and then gradually zoomed in for the last several frames. The still images were then brought into iMovie (which proved to be more problematic than I expected) and displayed every .2 seconds. The finished product was then exported to Youtube for your enjoyment.

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