Olie’s Family

Posted August 13, 2011

This is what happens when a family does not get its own reality TV show. Instead of having cameras follow them around all day, recording their antics for Comcast SportsNet’s attempt at treading down this path for ratings, they’re instead airing their drama on… Twitter.

Former Capital netminder and current associate goalie coach Olaf Kolzig took to Twitter recently after his wife, Christin, created an account for him. Since then, their feeds have provided nothing but entertainment (assuming you find this sort of thing to be entertaining).

First, it was Kolzig clumsily trying to figure out how to use Twitter, with a series of incoherent test tweets, then it was him sparring publicly with his wife over things such as follower count and shopping sprees. If you haven’t already, follow OlieKolzig37 and ChristinKolzig for the social network equivalent to The Osbournes. See some highlights below or tune into their feeds to watch the drama unfold in real time.