Four Things to Know From Day 5 of Development Camp

Posted July 16, 2011

The last day of practice for the prospects wound down pretty uneventfully. Regardless, here are four things you should know from today:

    1. Chase Grant, who left the second scrimmage early, was not on the ice for practice with the rest of Group A. The team rolled three lines instead of the usual four.
    2. Greg Burke, who is still recovering from a shoulder injury he received in March, finally ditched the gold jersey and donned a green one. However, he will not appear in the final scrimmage because it’s still another month before he’ll be cleared for contact. He was able to fully participate in all practice drills with the rest of Group B.
  1. Scott Wietecha looks no worse for the wear a day after his fight with Dannick Paquette. Minus the gash still in his forehead, his eye appears to have magically avoided any sort of noticeable swelling. He must have heard that Matt Hendricks was in town and knew any black eye he received couldn’t counter the one that Hendricks showed off in 24/7.
  2. Oh, and apparently the Caps resigned some defenseman named Karl Alzner to a two year deal. He’s apparently good or something. No word on just how excited John Carlson is, but he did tweet that he couldn’t wait to have him back, “Congrats @karlalzner can’t wait to have him back! #beauty #27 #karlstown“. Like Alzner was really going anywhere.

(Photos by Alena Schwarz)

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