Greatest Eric Fehr Moments

Posted July 8, 2011

Right wing Eric Fehr, who was traded to Winnipeg, always seemed to be that under-appreciated guy on the Caps. In a game early last season, he scored a goal and had an assist in a 2-2 game, got player of the game honors, but was practically ignored by the media in the locker room afterward because Alex Ovechkin scored the game-winner in overtime. Even Bruce Boudreau, in the press conference, shrugged off Fehr’s performance as ‘expected.’

His greatest highlight, however, was scoring two goals in the Winter Classic against Pittsburgh this past January. To us Caps fans, it’s something we’ll never forget.

Despite his Winter Classic heroics, Fehr didn’t get much respect. Watch how Pauly D of Jersey Shore brushes him off here at the beginning of this video.

He stared in a movie, and as far as we know, never got another acting role again (outside of HBO’s 24/7).

He did, however, do a great job of reading off teleprompters.

He was one of the first Caps to join Twitter.

And THAT was something to talk to him about. Check out this epic, Old-West style interview by yours truly:

Here is Eric’s message to Caps fans after getting traded to his hometown:

Eric, you’re a great guy and it was a pleasure having you play in Washington. Best of luck in Winnipeg and thanks for your contributions to the Washington Capitals.

(Photo by Alena Schwarz)

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