Farewell to Stretch

Posted January 31, 2011

I’m not sure what’s really happening behind the scenes in Washington, but I do know that a number of Capitals media folk are headed out, the latest of whom is Brett “Stretch” Leonhardt, who became a cult hero a couple years back when he had the chance to suit up as a backup goaltender for the first period of a game.

Leonhardt announced on Twitter that he accepted a position with the NHL in Toronto.

This season, Stretch started deejaying the Capitals’ pre-game warmups, along with his duties of updating the team website and filming video. He also practices with the team in net sometimes. A few fans have even commemorated his brief stint in the NHL with a Capitals Leonhardt jersey.

Leonhardt is also known for his great sense of humor and frequent Twitter updates. He is also absurdly tall, so he had no problems hovering over people in the locker room with a video camera, a skill which can neither be taught nor learned. At 6’7, he is the tallest player in Capitals’ history, but at 185 pounds, also probably the lightest. He wore No. 80, to commemorate the number of goals he let in out of 80 shots the Capitals took on him during warmups.

We bid farewell to Stretch and hope the Capitals replace him with an even taller web guy/DJ backup goaltender.